Bob Wade Studios | Custom Restaurant Furniture Designer
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Custom Restaurant Furniture

Are you in search of original, handmade, custom restaurant furniture for your thriving business? Well search no further. Bob Wade is a master craftsman and has been making custom restaurant furniture for decades, filling some of the nation’s finest restaurants, diners and bars with handmade wooden furniture.

Bob Wade can assess your needs and draft a look and feel for your establishment. With years of commissioned restaurant furniture projects under his work belt you can rest assured that your handmade furniture will last longer than a lifetime. Bob Wade Studios is an affordable alternative to other custom restaurant furniture manufacturers that claim to be handmade, but aren’t truly the genuine article.
BOB WADE STUDIOS Tel: 1-310-920-8151

Bob Wade specializes in both small and large furniture commissions with the same level of dedication and professionalism. Whether it be a single counter top, large dining table, benches or a full restaurant fit-out, Bob Wade Studios is committed to delivering masterfully crafted restaurant furniture to his clients nationwide.

Bob Wade is a seasoned hands-on artist that has built a hearty career out of supplying adventurous business owners with superior restaurant furniture.

Elevate Your Company’s Interior with Bob Wade Studio’s Handmade Furniture
Custom Restaurant Furniture

Durable, Consistent and Unique, Bob Wade will deliver your work on time and under budget. In a competitive marketplace full of clever marketing ploys and lackluster interiors, why not have your business stick out and make a lasting impression by filling it with beautifully handcrafted wooden restaurant furniture?

One must find new ways to stick out and be original. That is exactly what Bob Wade Studios specializes in, designing and crafting fine custom furniture to make that first impression count.

Bob Wade has always been fascinated with hands on furniture woodwork. Whether intricately engraved legs and table tops to majestic wooden pieces, Bob Wade creates truly custom furniture for restaurants, hotels or private residences. The additional history & mystery of natural materials, whether wood or stone, bring their own visual dialogue to any restaurant or showroom floor.

Our Restaurant Furniture is 100% Handmade

The world of restaurant furniture had changed throughout the years. While prefabricated tables and chairs may suit some establishments they lack class, elegance and durability. Bob Wade’s custom restaurant furniture makes a lasting statement with customers and can be a great conversation piece.

Bob Wade also specializes in 3D Signage for your storefront or business. Any shape or letter can be formed into a three-dimensional object, making it possible to present your business with signs that literally stand out from the rest as three-dimensional works of art. Bob Wade 3D Art and Signs offer a wide array of materials and colors, and he can design applications for use indoors or out.

3D signs create an effect of depth and space and deliver a high-impact presentation. These types of signs are perfect for indoor and outdoor corporate signage. 3D signs can also be installed on outdoor walls to be seen from a distance, in reception areas, on monuments or on plaques.

Call us today to explore some of the custom furniture options we can provide.. BOB WADE STUDIOS Tel: 1-310-920-8151


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Busch Gardens • Outback Steakhouse • Carrabba’s Restaurant • Holiday Inn • Peak City Grill • Whole Foods • John Klingler private collection


Contemporary Art Museum, Raleigh, NC, 2004, and “Come Out and Play” Annual Sculpture Show, Pittsboro, NC, for five years.

Note from the artist Bob Wade: ” Whether commercial or fine, all art has a potential for excellence that is hard to conceal. To strive for that is my goal. To get public attention it may be necessary to reinvent gravity with a look so startling it insists the viewer keep on looking. This may be mere novelty or a genuine attempt to show something never before seen on this earth. Either way, the barre is set higher and the viewer benefits. This is what I aspire to. Even a group of lowly table tops can constitute a horizontal art show. “