Bob Wade Studios NC | Outsider Art, Folk Artist and Wood Sculptor
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Outsdier ArtMany of you may wonder what ‘outsider art’ really means. Outsider art is pretty self-explanatory. Outsider art is artwork that is produced by self-taught artists who are not part of the artistic establishment, or rather not part of the ‘inside’ circle of recognized artists. It is also known as ‘raw art’ or ‘raw creativity’. Outsider artists come from every walk of life and cultural influences, making outsider art a very intriguing sub-set of artistic creativity. Outsider art is an almost anti-establishment creative outlet in which artists don’t feel influenced by what is favored in the fine art community.


For both the artist and onlooker, outsider art can be very liberating and avant garde at times. Through the years the parameters of the outsider art community have dramatically expanded to include artists that share in this ‘raw’ creativity and those that wanted to steer away from seeking validation from the elite art world. Bob Wade feels that his art is the very definition of what outsider art stands for.


Bob Wade has always been fascinated with 3D presentations and artwork. Whether deep carved or merely incised, Bob Wade creates truly original art for hotel, home and restaurant interiors. The additional history & mystery of natural materials, whether wood or stone, bring their own visual dialogue to any storefront or accent wall.

Call us today to explore some of the 3D Sign options we can provide.. BOB WADE STUDIOS Tel: 1-310-920-8151


Bob’s training consists of a half-century of hands-on artwork



Offset Printing • Commercial Graphics • 3D Wood, Metal & Coated Foam Pieces • Props • Decor Art Design & Fabrication • Restaurant Interior Design • Original Folk Art • Wall Sculptures • 3D Signs • Tabletops • Paintings



Busch Gardens • Outback Steakhouse • Carrabba’s Restaurant • Holiday Inn • Peak City Grill • Whole Foods • John Klingler private collection



Contemporary Art Museum, Raleigh, NC, 2004, and “Come Out and Play” Annual Sculpture Show, Pittsboro, NC, for five years.


Note from the artist Bob Wade: ” Whether commercial or fine, all art has a potential for excellence that is hard to conceal. To strive for that is my goal. To get public attention it may be necessary to reinvent gravity with a look so startling it insists the viewer keep on looking. This may be mere novelty or a genuine attempt to show something never before seen on this earth. Either way, the barre is set higher and the viewer benefits. This is what I aspire to. Even a group of lowly table tops can constitute a horizontal art show. “